Remodeling Your Kitchen: How to Choose Your New Kitchen Countertops

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New Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops act as the glue that binds all the kitchen aspects (walls, cabinets, colors, and floor) for that beautiful finish. They should look good in your kitchen and provide value in terms of functionality and value for money. If the current countertops are damaged or outdated, perhaps it’s time to choose new kitchen countertops.

Generally, kitchen countertop materials range from simple and stylish materials to costly and elegant materials such as marble and granite. If you are unsure of the best material for your new kitchen countertops, consult with Keystone CM.

Before you select new kitchen countertops, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is my budget?
  • What does my budget allow me to do compared to what I want to achieve?
  • Which kitchen countertop qualities mean most to me?

Choosing new kitchen countertops

New Kitchen Countertops

Here are some common countertop materials you may want to consider when choosing new kitchen countertops.

1. Engineered stone

It is a combination of resin (5%) and crushed quartz (95%). The material has a variety of more than 100 colors and a range of finishes.


  • It is harder and has a more even color than granite
  • Engineered stone is chip and stain resistant
  • The stone is low maintenance


  • The material is irreparable when it burns or gets damaged in any way

2. Laminate

If you want to mimic any material, including wood or granite kitchen countertops, then consider laminate.


  • It is a cost-efficient option
  • You can combine laminate with other materials to create the preferred design


  • Laminate is limiting as it is only good for light-use kitchens
  • It is easily scratched and scorched, so it is not a durable kitchen countertop material

3. Wood

Wood is beautiful and classic.


  • The grains are a natural beauty
  • It is easy and cost-efficient to install wooden countertops


  • You need to oil it for it to last for long
  • It requires constant care so that it does not come in contact with water

4. Granite

If you are considering granite for your new kitchen countertops, here are the benefits and limitations of this option.


  • Granite comes with an endless range of colors, patterns, shades, and feel. Regardless of your style, you can expect great results when you use granite.
  • It is heat and mold resistant
  • Since it is  a natural stone, you can achieve unique countertops 


  • It cannot be repaired if it gets damaged
  • Granite is heavy, so it must rest on strong cabinets

5. Glass

Glass is a perfect choice if you want a contemporary kitchen countertop. As more people realize the admirable features of glass, they are choosing glass for new kitchen countertops.


  • It is strong and difficult to break
  • Some type of glass such as etched glass is scratch-proof
  • Glass is easy to clean and maintain
  • It is stain and heat resistant and can stand water
  • You do not need special cleaning agents to maintain glass looking great


  • Unfortunately, glass does not have a variety of colors to from so how you design it determines the aesthetics
  • Fingerprints show easily


Marble is beautiful and has more open grains than granite.


  • It guarantees spectacular finishes due to its huge range of colors and patterns
  • Helps to keep fruits and vegetables cool if you put a marble lining around your vegetable drawers


  • It is fragile
  • Marble scratches easily, and it is irreparable 

Stainless steel

In the recent past, stainless steel has grown in popularity as people look for lasting, classic, and unique kitchen countertop styles.


  • It does not stain, rust, or scratch
  • It guarantees value for money because it is long-lasting
  • Stainless steel has a modern look, and it is robust
  • The material is easy to work with: you can fold or shape it with ease to fit your design


  • Unfortunately, it shows grease and fingerprint marks, so you need to clean it plenty of times to keep it clean

It is important to mention that installing new kitchen countertops is a complicated process. Contact Keystone CM for all kitchen remodeling projects. We will be glad to help.

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