Our Project Development Process

Step 1:
Project Assessment

After initially contacting us we will set up a convenient time to meet to discuss your project. When initially meeting with a client for the first time, we set out to achieve three main things:

  • An Opportunity to Get to Know One Another – Ask us questions. We will ask you questions…lots of them…By the end of the meeting we’ll know whether we are totally comfortable and a good fit to work with each other.
  • The Specifics of Your Project – As we listen to your thoughts and ideas and ask you questions, we will develop an understanding of what you like and don’t like. Our questions will range from decor to layout to lifestyle, as well as your desires on incorporating sustainable designs or products into your home. This is all about you and what you want!
  • Get clear on the Budget – No one goes out shopping for a new car without a budget range in mind, and most renovations can cost as much as a car-It may not make sense to proceed if everything else seems to be a fit but we’re miles apart on the budget. On smaller projects we’re sometimes able to give you a ballpark range regarding the investment you’ll need to make during this meeting, however most times we will feel better about giving you numbers after a bit of research. One thing to understand though is unless a complete set of working drawings are complete, or a clear scope of work is laid out it is difficult to give a firm quotation for a project.
Step 2:
Firm Price Quotation

Once a budget has been established, a preliminary start date and completion date can be worked out, working drawings are completed (if required) and specifications set out for the scope of work, 

Keystone Contracting & Millwork will provide you with a FIRM PRICE quotation that will include all aspects of the project. We will also provide a clear and concise written contract, which explains the obligations of both us as contractors and you as the homeowner i.e. payments, change orders, site conditions, guarantees, and other assurances.

Step 3:
Project Planning

After all the details of work are determined, and a FIRM PRICE quotation has been accepted, planning for your project begins; start and completion dates are finalized, materials are ordered, building trades are scheduled, and permits are obtained. 

This stage is crucial and requires great effort by ALL parties, as any delays or improperly selected material may cause major delays during renovations and can result in additional costs not budgeted for.

Step 4:
Work Begins

Prior to the commencement of any work we prepare your home for construction. Temporary partitions are set up, floors and handrails are protected, furniture is moved out and tools and materials are placed in designated areas. 

Work then begins in accordance with the particular type of job. This is the when all the crucial elements like demolition, framing, electrical and plumbing rough-in and drywall happens. Once the basic layout is in place cabinets and finishing material can be ordered. This is a crucial time for everything to be right!

Step 5:
Finishing Work Begins

When all the rough in construction has been completed, the pleasing elements of your project will start to come together: finishing carpentry, flooring, painting, fixtures, cabinetry, lighting, etc. 

Here is where your dreams and visions start to fully come to light. All the pain and hard work on various decisions will finally start to pay off.

Step 6:
After the construction of your project is complete, you will be asked to review the work and give final approval. We will then inform you of any regular maintenance required to protect your investment.

Still have A question?

Let us know about it. We are happy to assist you.