Top 5 Tips for a Successful Kitchen Remodelling Project

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Kitchen Remodelling Project

A kitchen remodelling project is complex, so you need to plan to handle the project successfully. Poor planning can lead to dissatisfaction and expensive losses. Fortunately, if the project is done well, it is a worthwhile investment because it improves the overall value of your property. If you are planning or considering a kitchen remodelling project Well, here are some handy tips to ensure the process runs smoothly and you enjoy the results of the project. 

1. Create a list of the supplies you need

Start with features and a wish list.

What do you want to see in your kitchen in terms of appliances, colours, design, pots, pans, and materials? List them down. Visit Pinterest and other sites for inspiration on ideas. If you find something you like, save it. Watch live features on any kitchen remodelling project. Write down, take pictures, download, or find a way to save the inspiration. Refer to the saved photos, videos, or text on the preferred design, during the project life.

Which features would complete your kitchen for you? Is it more storage, increased working space, or lighting? Prioritize it to improve the functionality of your kitchen.

2. The extent of your kitchen remodelling project

Kitchen Remodelling Project

Would you like to do a full or partial kitchen renovation? Consider the cost of the kitchen remodeling project before you choose the suitable option. Your goals will also determine the type of project to undertake. Here are five key questions to help you make the decision:

  • How are the current cupboards and cabinets? Are they damaged?
  • What is the state of your kitchen appliances?
  • Are you comfortable with the current space in the kitchen?
  • How much do you want to change the kitchen? Dramatic or slight changes?
  • Does the current kitchen furnishing bother you?

As you consider the cost, consider 20% additional cost to cater for unexpected expenditure.

3. Permits for the remodeling project

It depends on the nature of project you want to undertake. If you plan on touching the structure of the building, you need a permit. Tearing down or extending a wall leads to structural changes, so you need a planning permit.

For better information, visit your local authority for better information on the requirements.

4. Prepare for inconviniences

Your kitchen remodelling project will interfere with your routine in the house. However, you can plan on how to reduce the inconveniences.

Consider convenient places to eat out if you cannot make your meals from home. Will your pet be comfortable with all the commotion at home? If not, plan for a pet sitter. Move the coffee maker, kettle, and other small appliances to another part of your home.

5. Work with professionals

You cannot equit a kitchen remodelling project completed by a professional to a DIY remodelling project. The accuracy, professionalism, details, final product, efficiency (of appliances, fixtures, and fittings) and the duration the project takes to complete is evident. Cheap might expensive in the long run, so avoid professionals with questionable prices. Hire a trained, experienced, and qualified kitchen remodelling expert.

A successful kitchen remodelling project relies on the materials, contractors, and owners’ expectations. Consult with Keystone CM to transform your kitchen remodeling ideas into your dream kitchen.  

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