Should you replace your Dishwasher during your Next Kitchen Remodel Project?

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Next Kitchen Remodel

Planning a kitchen remodel project includes rethinking your kitchen appliances. Do you have the necessary appliances? Are they of the right style and size for your changing kitchen needs? Does appliance replacement fit in your current budget? Do you even need these appliances at all?

The average dishwasher can last 9 to 12 years, which is why it will be smart to factor kitchen appliance replacement into your kitchen remodel budget. These days, many Ottawa residents choose to simplify and streamline their daily lives, and some are very considering owning a dishwasher. Sure, it is a large, expensive appliance. But do you really need it? Here is what you should know before you factor in a dishwasher into your kitchen remodel budget.

Pros and cons of owning a dishwasher

Next Kitchen Remodel

Here are the benefits of adding a dishwasher to your kitchen remodel budget. 

  • Most modern dishwashers are energy efficient compared to hand washing
  • Dishwashers are generally faster compared to hand washing
  • High water temperature can eliminate bacteria and sanitize your dishes properly
  • Having a dishwasher increases the resale value of your property
  • Owning a dishwasher means less clutter on your kitchen countertops, and this thing

Here are the reasons you may not need a dishwasher. 

  • It is simpler to do your dishes by hand
  • A dishwasher takes up valuable space in your kitchen, and it may be unnecessary, particularly if you have a small kitchen
  • Most dishes and other items in your kitchen need to be hand-washed 
  • Some dishwashers don’t necessarily get dishes clean and sometimes leave watermarks
  • It is an additional appliance in your kitchen that requires periodic maintenance and repairs

To determine if you must factor in a dishwasher into your kitchen remodel budget, it is recommended to compare the benefits and limitations of owning a dishwasher. If you have space for it and enough money to purchase it, a dishwasher is an excellent investment for your house’s improved function, value, and livability. This appliance has proven to use less water and energy compared to hand washing, making it an environmentally friendly option.

If space is the only issue, you can choose “compromise” dishwashers such as freestanding dishwashers (can be rolled away into storage) and countertop models. These are small appliances that may require very little space.

It is also possible to install an under-the-counter dishwasher during your kitchen remodel project. Be sure to consider the specific location where the dishwasher will be placed. Most homeowners prefer replacing it under the sink because they use the same to rinse dishes before loading them into the dishwasher.

Many right-handed people hold dishes in their left hand and use the right-hand to scrape and rinse the dishes. That means the placement of a dishwasher below and to the left of a sink may be more convenient for right-handed people. Installing your dishwasher near the sink will also ease installation and plumbing challenges.

It’s also important to consider how close your dishwasher will be to the kitchen cabinets and drawers – where you will keep the clean dishes. Ensuring that all clean dishes are kept near the dishwasher makes emptying easy.

If you decide to add a dishwasher or any other big kitchen appliance to your kitchen remodel, consult with a reputable kitchen remodeling company in Ottawa. Shopping for a dishwasher is not easy because most of them look alike, and the price may not always indicate value. A kitchen renovation expert will help you choose the right dishwasher and successfully install it in the most convenient location in your kitchen. 

Contact Keystone CM if you are planning a kitchen remodel project and need help. 

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