How Do I Get Cost-Effective Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa?

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kitchen renovations in Ottawa

Are you looking for custom kitchen renovations in Ottawa? Whether you are planning on fully remodeling your home or are just looking to tackle a single room, Keystone Contracting & Millwork should be your first call in Ottawa and the National Capital Region. 

Since 1999, Dave Youdell, Keystone’s founder and owner, has nurtured the company into one of Ottawa’s most respected kitchen and bathroom renovation companies.  We provide unique, tailor-made designs that are built to suit every lifestyle and every taste in decor.

Any project you undertake your home is an investment in your future and it’s important you get the highest quality and craftsmanship for that investment. Keystone has the construction expertise and project management skills to walk you through every step; from defining and designing what you want, implementing your vision to final completion and beyond.

Communication and Project Management 

We believe that one-on-one communication is integral to the successful delivery of ANY project, big or small and we treat each project like it is a priority. During these challenging times with all of the special precautions and measures being implemented in our world to deal with COVID-19, Keystone has ensured that our communication with clients is easier than ever before.  

We have the traditional modes of communication available such as telephone, email, and text but we also employ “MICROSOFT TEAMS/ZOOM/WEBEX” so that face-to-face meetings can happen at the client’s request. 

We will adhere to  all health and safety protocols as directed by the Ministry of Health and will also follow any directions or concerns from the client. Our aim is to offer cost-effective kitchen renovations in Ottawa without compromising the safety of our clients. 

Examples of Our Renovation Projects

Kitchen Renovation Ottawa

Some examples of our projects include:

We have designers we work with to make your visions into reality. While we don’t have a showroom, we utilize local supplier spaces for inspiration. But it’s something we are working on for the future. 

About our company 


Here at Keystone Contracting & Millwork we love what we do. Every new home remodelling project is an expression of our creativity and desire to make your home remodelling dreams a reality. This dedication to our trade is what sets us apart from many others.

Founded in 1999, after eighteen years in the construction industry as a carpenter, David Youdell opened a small custom woodworking shop focusing on small renovation projects and cabinetmaking.

Over the years we have grown from a small 800 square foot garage to now covering 4000 square feet of shop space filled with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and other modern equipment. With our in-house resources and tradespeople, we can produce cabinetry and commercial millwork much more efficiently and in a very timely manner.

What we do 


Everyone’s family uses space differently and at Keystone, we strive to personalize your residential renovations to match your unique taste and function.  Our focus is on creating custom kitchen cabinets to suit your lifestyle.

We will take on the renovation aspect of these types of projects as it enables us to control the flow of how quickly you can use your new dream space!!! Our in-house custom cabinetry facilities allow us to create exactly what you, the client, envision for your space.

Also, the delivery time for these one-of-a-kind installations is much quicker because it is all done in-house with our CNC machines and state of the art machinery. We do not buy cabinets from third parties. 

Commercial Millwork

Our Commercial Millwork expertise is also very well-known and respected throughout the Ottawa area as we work with many reputable general contracting companies, both large and small. We have built custom millwork for many dental and medical offices throughout the region as well as tenant fit-ups for office and institutional spaces. 

Custom Kitchen Renovations in Ottawa: Here’s How we Do it

A kitchen from Keystone may not make you a better cook but it will certainly make cooking better!

Step 1 – Project Assessment

Take note of ideas, needs, and wants for your kitchen. Take screenshots of things you see that you might like to in your own space.  Things like storage ideas, under counter innovations, and fixtures. You must ensure you identify things you DON’T like as well.

Maybe where the sink is in relation to a window or the current layout of your appliances. Make some notes about what your lifestyle is like and what kind of budget you have available. Our checklist will help you get started.

Book a consultation with us. Ask us questions because we will ask you questions…LOTS OF THEM. They will range from décor to layout to lifestyle and more fundamentally, to budget. You can visit our offices in Ottawa or we can do the consultation by phone or web conferencing.

Step 2 – Firm Price Quotation

After our meeting and after ensuring we are all comfortable with the budget and expectations, Keystone Contracting & Millwork will provide you with a FIRM PRICE quotation that will include all aspects of the project.

We will also provide a clear and concise written contract that explains the obligations of all stakeholders, both us as contractors and you as the homeowner i.e. payments, change orders, site conditions, guarantees, and other assurances.

Step 3 – Project Planning

After all the details of work are determined and a FIRM PRICE quotation has been accepted, planning for your project begins. Start and completion dates are finalized, materials are ordered, building trades are scheduled and permits are obtained.

This stage is crucial and requires great effort by ALL parties, as any delays or improperly selected material may cause major delays during renovations and can result in unforeseen costs.

Step 4 – Work Begins

Your kitchen will become a work area so prior to the commencement of any work we prepare your home for construction. If necessary, temporary partitions are set up, floors and handrails are protected, furniture is moved out and tools and materials are placed in designated areas.

Work then begins in accordance with the particular type of job. This is when all the crucial elements like demolition, framing, electrical and plumbing rough-in and drywall happens. Once the basic layout is in place cabinets and finishing material can be ordered. Our craftsmen build your cabinetry in our 4,000 sq. foot manufacturing facility that is filled with Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines and other modern equipment. Our Project Manager will ensure everything gets timed JUST right. 

Step 5 – Finishing Work Begins

When all the rough in construction has been completed, the pleasing elements of your project will start to come together: finishing carpentry, flooring, painting, fixtures, cabinetry, lighting, etc.  Here is where your dreams and visions start to fully come to light. All the pain and hard work on various decisions will finally start to pay off.

Step 6 – Completion

Once construction is complete, you and your project manager will inspect the completed work to ensure that everything is up to specifications. We will also inform you of any regular maintenance required to protect your investment.

Your new kitchen is ready for you to live in and enjoy for many years to come, thanks to our kitchen renovations in Ottawa and other related services.

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